FALLEN - Front Toward Enemy

Fallen - Front Toward Enemy

11 songs
41:53 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Did nu metal kill traditional old school thrash? Probably not, but considering the catalogue of some (mostly major) labels, you get the impression that most youngster bands have a musical culture going no further back than Slipknot or at the very most Korn.

But then, luckily, there are bands like The Fallen from California. Although they only started in 1992, already some years after the big Bay Area thrash boom, you will hear here music influenced by what we loved to listen to back in the late 80ies. The record label may call this genre death core, but to me, it's simply put old school thrash metal. The guitars are shredding relentlessly, the vocals are angry screams that are in my opinion miles away from your typical death growls, the speed of the songs is mostly fast middle ground, but from time to time you get these really refreshening outbursts of pure velocity.

But beware, this is not just your typical thrash band. There are a few hardcore elements in the music (the vocals, slightly), so that you could say this sounds a bit like a crossection of Exhorder and Dark Angel while listening to metallic old school hardcore like Earth Crisis. It's really hard to describe, but therefore it's a pleasure to listen to.

This is neither progressive not too melodic (apart from a few guitar leads), but just straight in your face thrash metal. Maybe you need to listen to this a few times before the spark ignites, but once you're into it, you won't like to let loose.

To get a taste of what you expect, visit their page at MP3.com and download about half a dozen of their songs for free.

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