FALLING CYCLE - The Conflict

Falling Cycle - The Conflict

12 songs
32:12 minutes
***** **


Religious rock music is something which has never really made it big in Europe. The only evangelical bands here are always so bad that they are only suitable for churchgoers with a really bad taste in music. In the USA, things are different, of course, as their roots go back to religious fanatics that had to leave Europe about 400 years ago.

Fortunately Falling Cycle's lyrics are not too preachy, and apart from saying thanks to God in their credit list and having signed to Facedown Records, there's nothing that hints at religion. So what about the music? Falling Cycle combine melodic death metal elements with emotional hardcore, all into songs that average three minutes only. So if the music rarely has a chance to become boring, you finally will also have an album that's only about half an hour long.

Whenever Falling Cycle dig into hardcore, as they do on Brush With Pandora for instance, they sound really great, but the death metal counterparts have a certain genericness that lowers the overall quality of this debut album. 7 points.

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