Falling Promises - Dystopia

10 songs
38:47 minutes
***** ****


Falling Promises is a band from Luxembourg which is positioning itself between hardcore and metalcore, all the while being unafraid to add downtempo parts. They started in 2008 as a garage band, but a first demo CD followed already one year later. The first official EP titled Diary contained the double amount of tracks and was released in 2011. The feedback was quite positive, so that the band decided to work on a longplayer titled Dystopia which has now been released in 2013. Both the EP and the album have been recorded in the SU2 studio by Phil Hillen in Boston.

I am unfamiliar with the band’s previous records, but Dystopia is listenable by any account. The spoken word intro is followed brutally by One For All where we get feisty hardcore of the modern variety. The band switches skilfully between aggressive attacks, groovy parts, screamo elements, gloomy moments, downtempo breaks and background choirs. Partly Falling Promises adhere to modern hardcore sounds, but they also flirt with the more extreme varieties of heavy metal. In the process the band manages to write entertaining material. They always emphasise their energies on the necessary, which is definitely the band’s major strength. Especially in the second half of Dystopia, Falling Promises really blossom. I especially want to point out the two dark and threatening pieces My Judgement and No Surface. Yet my personal highlight is Time To Realize which is simply raw, fast and extreme. This is followed by another highlight: The Weight Of The World, where the band hired the vocal services of Jesse Barnett of American hardcore band Stick To Your Guns. You can watch an official video clip of this track on the Internet and revel at the splendid balance between melodic and fast elements.

I have to admit that I was positively surprised by Falling Promises. I really like metalcore even though it is not my favourite genre. This band is open though to different kinds of music which is exactly what makes Dystopia such a thrilling experience.

The band was hit badly recently by the tragic demise of their guitarist, which is why there could not be an official release live show. The band opted instead for a listening party. Let’s hope that Falling Promises will find a worthy successor, because it would be a shame to let it all go to waste after this great debut album.

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