FANGORN - Fangorn

Fangorn - Fangorn

11 songs
61:49 minutes
***** ****


Fangorn are a band which is not easy to pigeonhole. Since I first heard them years ago on their first demo tape, they were already quite different from other death metal bands, and their third, self-titled album even pushed their style further. Sure, on the surface it's still death metal, but they add so many different ideas and still manage to stay homogenous.

The first thing to notice about the new album is that the lyrics are this time in German only. Now I am being subjective, but somehow that reminds me in a positive way of Totenmond minus hardcore. The vocals are shared by an aggressive male voice and a very high-pitched female voice. Not always very easy to listen to, but very original and done in a really convincing way. The guitars most of the time add a touch of thrash to the music, which doesn't surprise as the band used to describe their music as death'n'roll in the past. But then they sound less like Entombed than rather a good rocking gothic death metal band without the face paint.

The songs have also become longer on the new album, which shows a development into more structured songwriting. All in all, Fangorn is a great melodic death metal album, maybe not very modern in a time where everything sounds old school again. But then again, Fangorn deserve respect for constantly evolving their style. If they had put a metallized version of an old German folk song on the album (like they did in the past), I might have been tempted to give a maximum rating, but this effort still deserves 9 fat points. Check out the G.U.C. homepage where you can order the album.

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