FANTASTIKOL HOLE - Mathematikol Oil

Fantastikol Hole - Mathematikol Oil

27 songs
39:01 minutes
***** ***
Basement Apes


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to review Numéro 0, a sound collage by French experimentalists O. To show that they are also able to play real music, the two guys from O got together with two more people to form Fantastikol Oil. Of course you shouldn't expect normal metal music. The strange band name, the equally weird song titles and the whole concept of playing 26 songs (plus an outro) in under 40 minutes should be proof enough. Setting themselves in the middle of the triangle formed by Napalm Death, VoiVod and Autechre, and naming inspirations from metal, techno and classical music, Fantastikol Hole deliver maybe short but certainly eclectic noise attacks.

Acoustic drums alternate with beatbox rhythms, the songs are generally kept at a fast pace, although the parallels to the grindcore genre are limited mostly to the short running time. The devilish beats are topped by angular metal chords that remind of math metal bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge and Coalesce, although Fantastikol Hole never pay attention to typical song structures and most of the time end their tracks after one and a half minutes. Never mind that though, because the songs follow each other nearly seamlessly, making for a non-stop forty minutes listening pleasure.

At times you get swept away by truly inspiring moments, as with the grooving Rock And Die, Suffer And Roll, but generally it's just a "lie back and be surprised" attitude that works best with this crazy post grind math core prog metal band.

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