FARADAY - The Dying Art Of Composure

Faraday - The Dying Art Of Composure

6 songs
29:49 minutes
***** ***


Michael Faraday was a British physicist and chemist from the 19th century and father of the Faraday constant which tells us something about the number of electrons. In the 21st century, Faraday is a German indie rock band which has released a promising EP that is also the first release on the label Ratio Records.

The CD starts with What A Great Force, What A Great City in quite a dreamful way, giving the impression that Faraday are just another average instrumental post rock band. Three minutes into the song, the band adds harder emo rock parts and dynamic breaks between quieter and more active parts. Pattexpool is nice indie rock with slightly distorted moments and some pop elements. If Faraday continue this direction, they could become the legitimate successors of Sharon Stoned. The EP’s highlight Don’t Drink And Dial with its enormously epic structures reminds me of Godspeed You Black Emperor. Emma contains piano and string arrangements and sounds like a heavier version of Sigur Ros. Radisson is a two minute long instrumental consisting of feedbacks which you can skip without a bad conscience. Finally the album ends with The End Of Reason, another impressive noise opera.

Faraday have a fine sense for arrangements, but they never choose the easy way. It’s impressive how they combine indie pop and rock music without repeating themselves on any of the tracks. The album isn’t too long, and I prefer a shorter killer EP to a longer CD with some fillers. Four years ago, I thought that Kate Mosh had the potential to become the new German rock sensation. Unfortunately they didn’t succeed, but Faraday are even better and have the talent for this title.

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