FAREWELL TO TWILIGHT - From The Aral Sea To The Western Wall

Farewell To Twilight - From The Aral Sea To The Western Wall

6 songs
23:46 minutes
***** ****


Wisconsin is, outside of the USA, mostly known for cold weather, stinky cheese and of course the Violent Femmes. And by the way, entering the band's hometown Milwaukee into Google yields that they live in the beer capital of the World. I can't really agree with that of course, preferring our traditional European brands, but when it comes to music, we are faced to a whole different story. From The Aral Sea To The Western Wall is the first CD release on Volatile Productions, and I couldn't imagine a better way to introduce yourself. Although the EP is only 6 songs short, FTT take well care to weave a storyline into the songs, giving you the feeling of a nicely unfolding concept.

The dynamic opener This Town Is A Rumor proves that they don't have to hide behind the myriad of post hardcore bands on labels like Victory and the likes, and FTT even manage to combine the melodic hardcore elements seamlessly with the more emotional postpunk outbursts, making the EP interesting for generic punk fans on the outlook for something special as well as for followers of labels like Level Plane etc. who yearn for more accessible sounds.

The production is excellent, the technical aspects are not only without a fault, but especially the guitars display more warmth than most other hardcore bands. FTT still need to prove that they can uphold this level of excellence on a full time album, but as a starter, this is more than you could expect from a newcomer. 9 fat points and the warning that if you don't get this EP, you might miss out on one of the hottest newcomer bands this year.

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