FAR FROM FINISHED - Living In The Fallout

Far From Finished - Living In The Fallout

13 songs
41:26 minutes
***** *****
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New York City? Boston? East Coast? I still can’t believe it after listening this entire afternoon to the new album from Far From Finished. Living In The Fallout feels so West Coast and still has its own signature sound that makes it now already the punk album of the year. Maybe that’s because the five-piece looks like a bunch of normal guys. You don’t get any punk outfit here, no fashionable design or any other gimmick that so many newcomers think they cannot live without. Far From Finished are just regular people full of anguish which they vent through their melodic punk rock songs, that at times can slow the pace and feel like superior power pop, or they can add some steam and come across like a purely bred rock’n’roll band.

It’s been more than ten years since a punk rock album has convinced me that much, and that was Rancid’s ...And Out Come the Wolves which eventually went platinum. Far From Finished may not yet have reached that level, but from the opener Disaster, you hear that this is a band that combines strong language with fast moving punk and background choirs that could have come from Bad Religion. The following Plague even pushes this concept further. The slightly longer Broken shows the band from a more leisurely side, but they still have more steam than the majority of newcomer punk bands. And to show that they have enough talent to fill the entire album with hits, some of their best material has been placed towards the end of the CD: Heroes And Ghosts, Twenty-One Guns and Living In The Fall Out.

Normally I reserve the maximum rating only for bands that innovate a genre or who are truly progressive or interestingly avant-garde. Far From Finished are the exception. There is nothing new about their music, but the way the combine the mentality of singer/songwriter with crunchy punk rock, driving rock’n’roll and catchy power pop makes Living In The Fallout a rare delight that deserves to be checked out by every punk and rock fan.

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