FAST FRIDAY - Gambling With The Truth

Fast Friday - Gambling With The Truth

11 songs
49:34 minutes
***** ***


Fast Friday started at the beginning of the millennium, and their popularity cannot only be explained by winning the Emergenza contest, but also with the release of their second CD The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste which proved that Fast Friday master music better than grammar. Their new album Gambling With The Truth, free from grammatical and orthographic mistakes (not considering the press sheet though), and presents the band for the first time as a five-piece.

The integration of a second guitarist wasn’t a bad choice as you can convince yourself on the album. The opener Embrace The Hope is one of their more extreme tracks, based on metalcore riffs, but also contains more melodic nu metal passages. Fashion Is Dead takes advantage of the impressing rhythm section and its catchy chorus. Jan impresses with a varied uses of his voice, going from harsh growls to accessible melodies. Multilayered vocals create great atmospheres as on Silence Is Weakness. The excellent Breathe Your Life shows an as yet unknown groovy side of Fast Friday.

Even if there are some more commercial and even experimental passages, the majority on Gambling With The Truth is still extreme and based upon contemporary metalcore. Last Words and In The Name Of God are among the most extreme that they have done so far. Other highlights are the melancholic I Remember and the weird My Precious which sounds a little like VoiVod.

Opinions differ when it comes to Fast Friday. Some people claim that they are only copying what’s currently trendy in the USA. This isn’t that wrong, but Fast Friday are doing it in a mature and sophisticated way. They still can’t reach the class of Eternal Tango and dEFDUMp, but many upcoming modern metal bands from Luxembourg still have to look up to Fast Friday who once again convinced me with their new record.

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