FAST FRIDAY - The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste

Fast Friday - The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste

8 songs
26:23 minutes
***** ****


2005 was an excellent year for Fast Friday. They played two excellent (and one mediocre) shows at the Emergenza band contest and were chosen by the jury as the well deserved winner. Although I was always amazed by their live shows, the same intensity couldn't be reflected on their debut Memories In Our Mirrors, and I hoped that the following The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste would spread more energy.

The new album has a furious start with Liberation, a song which is also featured as a live video clip on the CD. The combination of brutality with the right sense for melodies works again very well. Fast Friday are able to keep this high level on the entire album. For Personal Use Only is a mixture of melodic emo, screamo and some melodic metal while Blood Work Of Love starts in a quite harmonic way before turning into something completely sick. Step In Line underlines the band's tendency for complex structures as you normally are used to hear from Fear Factory or VoiVod. The next two songs (The Storyboard, Comeback) are two more classic tracks combining nice melodies with roaring shouts and especially the latter works very fine. To The Stars is possibly the album's most complex song and not so easy to follow before the CD comes to an end with a short instrumental outro called Post Mortem Monologue.

Fast Friday have done enormous progress compared to their debut which was released more than a year ago. They have been able to make improvements in song writing and production is that is much more powerful than in the past. With this record, they have reached international quality and show that metal core can be much richer than what we often have to listen to.

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