FATAL INJURY - Fatal Injury

Fatal Injury - Fatal Injury

11 songs
41:07 minutes
***** **
Aural Offerings


It was love at first sight with the cover artwork, reminding me of the Golden Age of Thrash Metal, back in the late Eighties, when I first came in contact with that genre. Barcelona thrashers Fatal Injury must share my infatuation with that period, because the eleven tracks on their self-titled debut hint strongly at Bay Area legends like Testament and Exodus. The riffing is classic, the dual guitar attacks proverbial, only the vocalist seems to be stuck somewhere in his Scandinavian death metal roots. In fact Fatal Injury always sound best when they time-travel twenty years into the past, as they seem more at ease with thrash than with death metal.

When it comes to thrash revival, my band of the year are still Fueled By Fire who had an even more relentless approach to that genre. Formalistically, Fatal Injury take a nearly flawless approach, but they still lack the sparking song ideas that make them stand out. For a debut, the Spaniards have realised something quite respectable, but then expecting anything less would be insulting from a band that was founded already ten years ago. If Fatal Injury will focus on their thrash roots and work a little harder on catchy song ideas, .they might still make it to the top of the revivalist thrash movement.

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