FATALIST - The Depths Of Inhumanity

Fatalist - The Depths Of Inhumanity

11 songs
44:14 minutes
***** ***
Ibex Moon


Death metal as we know it started in the late Eighties, but it wasn’t until the early Nineties that the genre finally caught one. New bands surfaced all over the world, with different sub-genres crystallising in different regions. Fatalist have only started recently, but are overly fond of Swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed, Dismember, etc. and even once wanted to found a cover band fully dedicated to Scandinavian death metal. Fatalist don’t come from the frosty North, but from sunny California, and used to have Wes Caley (Exhumed, Uphill Battle) in their ranks until last year.

Fatalist’s debut album The Depths Of Inhumanity contains remastered versions of the seven songs from their demo Loss (2007) plus four new songs. Coming with a raw and powerful production, the eleven tracks successfully arrive to call up the early days of the death metal movement. Apart from the obvious Swedish influences, early Death seem also to have left their traces. The songs all have a brisk pace, are never sluggish or exceedingly fast. Technical skills are present, as can be heard on the excellent guitar playing, but Fatalist concentrate on concise songwriting, and even though they rarely have those supreme moments as were aplenty on Scream Bloody Gore and Slowly We Rot, their album still entertains magnificently over the course of its forty-five minute running time.

The vocals have more of a screaming than a grunting quality, which must be the most Swedish trademark of their music. The Depths Of Inhumanity has not become a classic death metal album, but is much better than what we normally get to hear from that genre. Sometimes it’s better to do something traditional with the necessary heart’s blood than trying to force yourself to be innovative. If Fatalist learn to add some catchiness to their otherwise excellent death metal songs, they will undeniably have a bright future ahead of them.

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