Fates Warning - X

10 songs
52:17 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Fates Warning is a metal institution that doesn't need any further introduction. Thinking of all their different phases (epic metal, progressive metal, experimental stuff) between their 1984 debut Night On Brocken and their 11th CD X (although the title suggests that it might be their tenth) shows that they are still one of the most virtuous bands in the metal scene. The new album only shows slight differences compared to its predecessor Disconnected which was released four years before, but it wouldn't be fair to consider it as a simple copy. First of all the songs are generally shorter than on the previous album, with only one track longer than 7 minutes. Secondly Fates Warning have become a bit harder which mostly succeeds on shorter tracks like Simple Human and Stranger. My favourite track is River Wide Ocean Deep which starts with an ethnic sounding intro, then transforms into a heavier rock song. Another Perfect Day (not a Motörhead cover version, of course) is a more commercial and melodic track which could be the first single edit. I appreciate very much what Fates Warning have done on their latest output. Unlike other bands that have been active for several decades, they don't try to copy themselves again and again, but are still innovative. Jim Matheos on guitars and Ray Alder on vocals are two strong pillars helping to make Fates Warning unique in the wide metal world.

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