FEAR MY THOUGHTS - The Great Collapse

Fear My Thoughts - The Great Collapse

10 songs
43:16 minutes
***** ****


I don't know what it is with hardcore these days, but the borders between that genre and thrash metal are melting more and more away. Fear My Thoughts, a German metal core band, is among the better known acts, and their third album The Great Collapse proves that they build on a steady base of experience. Apparently less hardcore than their previous records (and I confess I have never heard FMT before), the five-piece is heavily influenced by the likes of Amon Amarth, The Crown and At The Gates on this album, although they take well care to give the music their own spice.

If you forget about the two short intros, you get mostly long compositions that are firmly rooted in melodic death thrash, but a closer look reveals something more intricate. While the basic structures are easy to please (and this is meant as a compliment) metal songs, the refinement lies in the complex but accessible drumming as well as in the fantastic dual guitar work. The title track which is opening the album already shows a certain progressive feeling when it comes to the harmonies, while the long Mission Immortality and the mid-tempo Hollow Inside are not only perfect examples of atmospheric songwriting, but also show a well working approach to more modern aspects in metal music.

We could now debate all day about the reasons why so much hardcore music is turning to metal these days, but when a band like Fear My Thoughts achieves to use those components and improve them by adding more eclectic touches (modern metal, progressive rock), then this should be an album that will not only be craved by your regular thrash metal fans, but also by every connoisseur of good aggressive rock music.

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