FETUXION - Rectorenal Cranium Perfusion

Fetuxion - Rectorenal Cranium Perfusion

9 songs
35:28 minutes
***** **


Fetuxion are surely not up to everybody's taste, but they certainly are Luxembourg's most extreme grindcore band ever. When I first listened to this CD a couple of months ago, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. At first, it seems like pure noise: ultra fast guitars, inhumanly blasting drum computers, and distorted vocals that sound as they come straight from a terminal lung cancer patient. The nice cover artwork plus medical study book song titles like Severe Gurgling Mutilation or the multisylabbous The Foecalopuritalophagist put this close to bands like early Carcass or Mortician, except that Fetuxion are even a bit sicker.

Can this be considered music? Not in the traditional sense, but it is an exercise in extremity, and if the production were more transparent, then you might even detect a kind of deformed genius working here. As it is now, I recommend this CD very strongly to every fan of extreme music, because if you can find anything more extreme, you must be a total sicko. Seven points!

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