Fields Of The Nephilim - Mourning Sun

7 songs
55:02 minutes
***** ***
Oblivion / SPV


It's been fifteen years since Fields Of The Nephilim have released their last CD Elizium. The band split up only one year later. There were a few more releases by this band, but it were only best-of or lost tracks compilations and none of them got the authorisation by mastermind Carl McCoy.

Carl McCoy retreated into total isolation while writing the new material. He doesn't give any information about the musicians involved in the recordings. He even calls them ghost musicians instead of guest musicians. But the sound is so close to what they did in the past that I'm nearly certain that the line up hasn't changed too much. We will know more about this when Fields Of The Nephilim will start touring in a few months.

The new album starts with a spooky intro where dark demonic voices are combined with fairylike chants. It lasts about five minutes and is much more atmospheric than all those boring intros from melodic metal albums. The two next tracks Straight To The Light and New Gold Dawn are of course straighter and harder. You really don't have the impression that one and a half decade have passed since their last album. The only more disappointing title is Requiem XIII-33 (Le veilleur silencieux) which is too calm but fits the song title.

Fields Of The Nephilim are not only combining goth and dark wave with tons of guitars, but they are using also a lot of samples. This happens especially on Xiberia, a title showing parallels to The Prodigy. She probably is the darkest track on the album and Mourning Sun is very epic.

Fields Of The Nephilim have done a surprisingly convincing comeback. It's good to hear from them again, but I doubt if this album will become a classic like Elizium or The Nephilim. A lot of early Fields Of The Nephilim fans should still enjoy this record.

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