Filiamotsa - Tribute To KC

7 songs
23:59 minutes
***** ***
Chez Kito Kat


The first time I listened to Filiamotsa, I would never have dared to believe that they are a duo, and certainly not that they perform their music with a violin and a drumkit. Doing without guitar and bass, this duo founded in the French city Nancy in the year 2007 definitely knows how to concoct a multifarious mix with their limited set of instruments. The violin sets the mood of course, and there is definitely a strong folk part in their sound, but they the energy of rock that ventures at times into psychedelic rock territory. The drummer sets a powerful rhythmic carpet that lays the groundwork for the violinist who does her best to unleash tirades that combine the harshness of Nineties noise rock with the freewheeling inventiveness of Seventies space rock.

Tribute To KC seems to be their first sign of life on record, and comes as a vinyl disc accompanied by a CD-R to allow you the comfort of the digital age. Although this is only an EP, its twenty-four minutes leave you hungry for more. I am certain that their music lives up to its fullest potential in a live setting, but their record does its best to capture the raw energy of their performance. Filiamotsa are an original and interesting instrumental two-piece that shows that you can recreate the energy of rock music with a violin and a drum set. Collectors will be happy that the band opted to release their music on a vinyl record, while the less analogue inclined fans of experimental noise rock will have to do with the accompanying CD.

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