Firebird - No. 3

11 songs
50:51 minutes
***** ***


Former Napalm Death and Carcass guitar player Bill Steer teams up with bass player from Cathedral and drummer from Spiritual beggars to play music. That this won't be any kind of grind core or death metal should be evident, considering the musical development of Carcass in the 90ies, but that it's also miles away from stoner doom rock comes as somewhat of a surprise.

Bill Steer has gotten rid of his musicians in the meantime, and after some come-and-go, the new line-up has his brother Al on bass and some dude called Alan French on drums. Which brings us to No. 3, which probably is their 3rd album so far. People without a musical culture starting in the 90s will probably be quick to label this music stoner rock, but as a matter of fact, it's something entirely else: heavy blues. Bill Steer's deep-sounding guitar owes as much to Black Sabbath as it does to Blue Cheer, and his emotional slightly whiskey-soaked voices makes it hard to believe that this guy was once into grindcore. There you get also a heavy bass groove and very organic drumming. Firebird is a powerful rock three-piece, firmly rooted in the Seventies. And where they are anything but original, they convince with solid songwriting, fat production and a devastating charm.

I read somewhere that this should appeal to people who like the White Stripes, but again I would look further down the past and suggest early Lenny Kravitz or the Black Crowes. But beware, where the former had to suffer from a major label clean production, you get 100% heavy blues rock'n'roll from Firebird. For those who still love to listen to their 70s records!

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