Fischessen - Köder

10 songs
43:21 minutes
***** **


Fischessen were founded in the early years of the millennium by the two former Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos members Jörg Schneider (drums) and Yvonne Nussbaum (bass) as an instrumental band. After their debut Suicide Is Much Too Blonde from 2007, they are now back with the successor Köder. Guitarist Scharco, currently also active in Tarngo, a band not so unlike Fischessen, has joined the band for this album.

The debut left a really good impression on me, but it seems as if the successor Köder has chosen a purer, less eclectic approach. The music is limited on the three instruments, providing a very live feeling, with Schneider providing terrifyingly wild beats, Scharco improvising in his jazziest manner on the guitar, and Nussbaum underlying it all with pumping bass lines.

Köder starts with the two short pieces Elmpt and Kittner, and just as abstract as the titles is the music. This has all the ingredients of improvised music restricted to song length pieces, with only Feddersen (nine minutes) and Transmission View (eight minutes) having the band dabble with longer structures.

This is certainly not for everyone, and I have to admit that listening to Köder can be quite trying at times, but there is no denying that the threesome knows what they are doing. At times they remind me of local noise post rockers Tvesla, but Fischessen are of course even more gifted musicians. Fans of jarring noise rock full of unexpected twists and turns will have a lot to chew on this Köder.

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