FISCHESSEN - Suicide Is Much Too Blonde

Fischessen - Suicide Is Much Too Blonde

11 songs
61:07 minutes
***** ***


Such a weird band name is already fair warning that you shouldn't expect regular rock music on this album. Fischessen is the new project by Jörg A. Schneider, who is also the main man behind German cult band Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos. In fact they are so cult that I have never heard their music although they released already nine albums. As far as I understand, Fischessen has more or less the same members as LHQWE, but as they show a different approach towards songwriting, Schneider decided to use a different name.

The songs have started as improvisations, and have only later been moulded into more recognisable song structures. There are even electronic and jazz elements, although if I didn't know any better, I'd say this is a postrock band with a very strong love for King Crimson in the years 1973/74. The songs are 99% instrumental, with only scarce vocal parts in the last song The Villians, with eleven minutes also the magnum opus of Suicide Is Much Too Blonde.

I really like the parts where the heavy guitars fight the old school prog rock mellotrons, and even if at those moments I feel more than just reminded of Robert Fripp, it's a pleasure to see European alternative rock bands still able to use the fabric of the masters and turn them into something fierce and more contemporary.

In the end, Suicide Is Much Too Blonde is an album that stands out among modern instrumental rock CDs, but is using too often the same templates so that we are left with a few instant groundbreaking tracks (Wolfskull, Trash On Monday Trash On Tuesday Trash The Rest Of The Week, Gelee Royale) among many others that have their undisputable qualities without showing the same accessibility. A little shorter would have done well on the listener's attention span, but this is still an album which is original and listenable at the same time. Very good indeed!

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