FISHER - Fisher

Fisher - Fisher

8 songs
31:51 minutes


This self-titled CD by Fisher from Zurich, Switzerland is their debut from 2005. The cover artwork doesn’t look very spectacular, and this is also a rather fitting way to describe their music.

The most interesting fact about Fisher is the array of their instruments. You have some classic elements like vocals, guitars, drums, bass and keyboards, but there’s also some room for more exotic instruments like a glockenspiel and a double bass. The music can be described as a mixture of lo-fi indie rock and mellow pop. The opener Babylon is a midtempo rock song with deeply tuned guitars and high female vocals. Comparisons to early Nineties rock bands like Rainbird and Peacock Palace can be made. This quite mediocre track is already one of the two highlights on the record. There’s still one more average song called Golden Age which has a certain Dandy Warhols flair.

The other six tracks on the record aren’t nearly worth mentioning. Five of these are severely suffering from a lack of pace, making them sound like lullabies. Furthermore the vocals are too high and you get impression that singer Emilie Welti will soon start crying. Worst of all is the ballad Behind The Curtain. Different but not at all better is the jazzy Lost In Translation. The songwriting often seems to be clumsy. Sometimes you have the impression that the musicians have some ideas but they’re unable to find the right way to the end.

I didn’t really get any pleasure out of listening to Fisher’s debut which fortunately will be the band’s only release as their last show will take place at the end of September, just before the announced split.

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