FIVE DAYS OFF - Coast To Coast

Five Days Off - Coast To Coast

12 songs
30:20 minutes
***** ****


Punk rock from Belgian never really had the reputation that bands from California or Sweden had, so far. Five Days Off could just be the ones to change that. Coast To Coast is their second full length album (if you dare call half an hour full time...), and they sound routined and fresh at the same time, which is quite an achievement.

Although the album is finished by a cover version (Young Till I Die) from the legendary 7 Seconds, FDO have also enough own strong material that they didn't really have to rely on songs from other bands. Anyway, a band that knows how to write punk anthems like Day By Day or Out Of Space (although that song sounded vaguely familiar) doesn't have to hide behind punk giants like No FX or Pennywise.

What makes FDO stand apart from the aforementioned bands is that they still have a rough edge to them, with enough sugared melodies on top to please the young followers as much as old people like me. I hand out 9 points, with my only point of criticism that the playing time is too short. Still, the quality is what counts, and I strongly suggest you pay a visit to the band's homepage to download the available MP3s to make yourself an opinion of the greatness of these Belgian melodic punk rockers.

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