FIVE DAYS OFF - Deerfoot Trail

Five Days Off - Deerfoot Trail

12 songs
38:18 minutes
***** ***


Deerfoot Trail is the third album by Five Days Off, Belgium's biggest hope concerning melodic punk rock. I already liked their last CD Coast To Coast and their split-EP with Flatcat very much, and the songs on their new record don't disappoint either. The opener So Long Farewell is classic melodic punk rock, severely influenced by the likes of Green Day. This song is followed by two more commercial sounding tracks (Careless Nameless Faces, Ever Since That Day) that have the potential to become chart hits. Five Days Off really have the talent to write catchy melodies and beautiful choruses that invite to sing along. The Ship is the only track where the Belgian punk rockers show their quiet side, but it's well done nonetheless. The album's final track About The World with its upbeat rhythm and yet somehow sad atmosphere is another highlight.

In the past, there has been a real flood of melodic punk bands. Initially I liked this movement very much, but after a while, I became bored by it, especially because most bands were sounding just too clean and forgot their punk roots. But as Five Days Off never neglect their origins and are not afraid of spicing their songs with some hard rocking influences, they are among the best bands of that movement. Deerfoot Trail is not too different from what they did in the past, but it's still far above average and worth listening to.

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