FLASHBACK OF ANGER - Splinters Of Life

Flashback Of Anger - Splinters Of Life

11 songs
54:16 minutes
***** ***
Limb Music


Italian progressive power metal band Flashback Of Anger was founded already in 2003, it took them nearly six years to come up with their debut album Splinters Of Life. The reasons for this delay were countless line-up changes and university studies, but now that the members have moved to professional lives, they can concentrate harder on the music.

The sextet from Florence combine heavy, melodic and progressive metal quite fitfully, reminding of bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X and the likes. It would be unfair though to consider them a simple clone, as their songwriting has enough own elements. The guitars sound wonderfully fat, the vocals are never too effeminate, and the two keyboards neither seem out of line. The necessary variety guarantees that the album keeps a high level throughout its rather long running time. Some tracks, like A Void Within Me and Back In The Nightmare, contain the typical Italian pathos and bombast. The truly progressive title track is a stunning masterpiece with some shrill vocal parts reminiscent of King Diamond. The quieter pieces are best represented by Time Can Answer. Towards the end, the band surprises with Off With My Heart, starting quite mellow, then turning into something very heavy to end with jazzy notes.

Splinters Of Life is an ambitious album, making this even more respectable once you realise it’s a debut. Flashback Of Anger have offered a very convincing performance, and should be expected to serve more quality music in the future.

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