FLASHBAX - Straight Outta Schilfgürtel

Flashbax - Straight Outta Schilfgürtel

10 songs
38:43 minutes
***** *


Flashbax from Austria have chosen an original title for their debut CD. Unfortunately the contents are less convincing than we could expect from that and the 70s styled cover. The musicians are very young and don't seem to know exactly where to head. The main ingredient is pure and often too simple pop music. Some songs also contain swing elements which gives them a quaint old fashioned touch. Other songs are noisy and really rock. Even if there are interesting elements in nearly every song, there are too many uncoordinated breaks. There are some real highlights, like on Wir posieren hier, where Flashbax show that they can really sound bold and nasty. Patti Smith is pure diskurspop and shouldn't hide behind the established acts from the Hamburger Schule. There are some more quite decent songs on the record, but that's about all. Some songs like Gruppenbild and especially Andreas just don't seem to be finished yet. Even if there is one song with rap parts (Pop Musik), my general impression about the Flashbax debut is that they use too traditional recipes concerning song writing and instrumentation. Talent can't be denied, but Flashbax shouldn't rush things concerning a second release.

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