FLESHCRAWL - Made Of Flesh

Fleshcrawl - Made Of Flesh

10 songs
40:40 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


After several great albums, Fleshcrawl have reached the reputation to be the leading German death metal band. Their last CD Soulskinner was excellent, but the new one doesn't disappoint either. I think that it is even another improvement. The opener Beneath A Dying Sun is a surprisingly calm mid tempo death metal song with a cool groove, and is followed by the title track where Fleshcrawl present themselves from a more nasty and brutal side. Listening to the whole album isn't a boring experience. Fleshcrawl are often changing from mid tempo parts (Into The Depths Of No Return) to very fast songs (Flesh Bloody Flesh). The vocals are of course typically death metal, sounding evil and full of hatred. The cover artwork of Made Of Flesh can be classified as one of the most gory ones. Even if it is nowadays very difficult to make something new in the death metal genre, Fleshcrawl have been able to create a very entertaining album which shouldn't hide behind a classic band like Boltthrower to whom they often are compared.

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