FLESHCRAWL - Structures Of Death

Fleshcrawl - Structures Of Death

12 songs
41:30 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Founded in 1987, Fleshcrawl can be considered pioneers of the German death metal scene. Structures Of Death is already the band’s eight longplayer, and as usual, the name Fleshcrawl stands for first class European death metal. There is probably no other German death metal band with a more Swedish touch than Fleshcrawl that are again playing music strongly inspired by the early Entombed.

A difference between the new CD and previous works is the fact that the album was recorded in Germany which didn’t prevent the well known Sweden sound. After the mandatory intro, you are spoiled with the title track which contains the right mix of heaviness and catchy melodies. It’s followed by Into The Fire Of Hell, a track differing much from the rest of the album. It’s the only song which is influenced by more brutal US death metal as known from Fleshcrawl’s label mates Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. After this exception, the musical journey returns to Northern Europe and presents the broad range of melodic death metal styles. Written In Blood impresses with extreme speed, Fleshcult takes no prisoners and Anthem Of Death works fine thanks to the harmonic changes of faster and more melodic parts. Nothing But Flesh Remains is another highlight due to its dynamic rhythm structures.

Structures Of Death has become yet another killer album in the long history of Fleshcrawl. The differences to their last album Made Of Flesh which was released three years ago are only minimal, but as there’s currently an overkill of metalcore bands, it’s always a pleasure to listen to a solid death metal production with tons of killer riffs and neck breakers.

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