FLIPPIN’ BEANS - Everything’s Fine… Act Brave And Die

Flippin’ Beans - Everything’s Fine… Act Brave And Die

13 songs
28:22 minutes
***** **
Full House


It seems that Flippin’ Beans from Finland have been fans of Iron Maiden in their youth. At least you can get that impression by having a look at the band logo which has been copied by the British heavy metal pioneers in a cheeky way.

A few seconds into the CD, I see that I was wrong: Flippin’ Beans don’t have the slightest metal background, but rather seem to have studied the US west coast punk scene from the late Eighties and early Nineties. The opener Weight Of The World is a fine example that shows how uncomplicated punk has to sound. Hate isn’t as brutal as the title promises, but is still a fast track with an impressively sweet chorus. This pattern, aimed at fans of Bad Religion and Millencolin, is repeated on several songs without causing annoying repetitions. Flippin’ Beans often surprise with an astonishing sense for songwriting: Kids Are United is one of the best punk hymns I’ve ever heard. Ska punk fans will get their kicks out of Destroy and Pissed In The Eye. Even when Flippin’ Beans are adding more aggression into their songs (TV, Hypocritic People), they always return to their catchy sing-along choruses.

Flippin’ Beans’ genre is nothing new, but refreshing nonetheless, proving thus that there can be much more behind melodic punk than what Good Charlotte and likewise bands are doing. Everyone who’s still a fan of old school melodic punk has no reason to ignore this excellent album.

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