Flying Virgins - Lazy

4 songs
26:50 minutes
***** ****


A naked woman shown from behind, contorting her left arm behind her back, all photographed in blue tones. The cover artwork already promises a symbiosis of cold atmosphere with an artful background. Flying Virgins, a five-piece from Denmark, adhere like so many of their Scandinavian compatriots to the fashionable genre of floating indie pop. The opener Evil Fender is not only the most rocking track, but also the only below six minutes. Parallels to Placebo come to mind, but already the second piece Lazy Star shows a different side: 8 minutes of mellow sounds, with androgynous vocals, echoing guitars, floating keyboard carpets and a haunting melody you won't get out of your mind so quickly. It's those two first songs that define the spectrum of the Flying Virgins. The remaining half is filled up with Tahoe Morning Diner and How To Devour A Butterfly, and although these songs don't have the impact than the other two, they are still a convincing proof of the band's skills. Most of the time you feel reminded a bit of Sigur Ros. Lazy may only be an EP, but with a running time of nearly half an hour, it gives you already a nice taste of what these guys are all about. Dream pop aficionados should check this out.

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