FOGALORD - A Legend To Believe In

Fogalord - A Legend To Believe In

12 songs
54:18 minutes
***** ***


Fogalord from the sunny island Capri have been around since 2007, but it took them five years before they were ready to release their first album. The cover artwork for A Legend To Believe In doesn’t look that inviting, but you shouldn’t judge a book, or a CD in this case, by its cover. Also the band won’t win a prize for originality, but still there is so much beauty within that it is still worth your time checking it out.

Follow The Fog is an intro which is maybe a little too long, but the heavy dose of bombast and the strong choirs definitely prepare the ground for a typically Italian sounding symphonic metal album. Not unlike as with many of their fellow countrymen, their metal is melodic and fast at the same time, and the vocal harmonies are always very clean and precise. I don’t understand why the second track is once again followed by yet another short instrumental piece. Next up though we get three powerful tracks before it is time again for an instrumental. It’s on these regular songs where the Italians show their real strength. This material is dramatic, maybe putting on the pathos a little too thick, but the insane guitar wizardry and the high but firm vocals are beyond blame. The many keyboard parts also don’t disturb.

The album’s highlight is without a doubt A Day Of Fire, not only because this song is a little heavier than average, but also because the musicians didn’t save on ideas for this six minute piece of music. Towards the end we get a more folk sounding song that fits the medieval costumes of the musicians. The March Of The Grey Army contains flutes and bagpipes and thus varies from the remaining material. The album finally concludes with the quarter hour long Of War And Resurrection where the band once more reprises what has happened before. This track succeeds in its mission, but a little less might have been more.

A Legend To Believe In is an album full of heartening pathos but also technically flawless music. I can imagine that their sound is too playful or even silly for some metal fans, but I always like it when metal bands don’t act too seriously all of the time. Fogalord would be a nice opener for a band like Freedom Call and the likes.

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