FOGGY BOTTOM - Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom - Foggy Bottom

13 songs
44:44 minutes
***** ***


On their first demo tape and on their first EP, Foggy Bottom from Thionville, France already proved that they know very well how to write catchy indie pop songs. The biggest change compared to their last EP Six Songs About This Famous Andrew is that Foggy Bottom now sing in their native language, possibly because of the law that forces national radio stations to play 40% from their songs in French language. Apart from that there aren't too many innovations.

The opener A cause de toi is a wonderful pop song in the vein of Nada Surf. The following track Ce n'est pas si important is very melancholic and sounds more like a Weezer midtempo song. Foggy Bottom manage very well to distort the guitars just so much that their music is more than a simple pop tune, but they keep enough melody so that remembering the songs' structures isn't too hard. Fais de ton mieux, a potential hit, is my favourite track oo the album, although I think there was already a very similar track on the last EP. In fact, you shouldn't expect too much variation on this record, only the last track Se reparler is a ballad, definitely not Foggy Bottom's strength. When you're in the right mood for some easy listening power pop, there aren't many better albums than this one. As the new Weezer album was a major disappointment, we can hope that people will turn their attention to Foggy Bottom.

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