FORECAST - Late Night Conversations

Forecast - Late Night Conversations

10 songs
38:24 minutes
***** ****


The Forecast from Illinois have been around since 2001 in order to play great indie rock. As a support act for bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hey Mercedes,... they quickly obtained a good reputation. And I have to admit that their debut album Late Night Conversations fascinated me from the first to the last note. First of all, The Forecast are excellent song writers. It doesn't matter if you call their music indie, post or whatever rock, they are absolutely convincing in every point. It seems that the most important part of their sound are the vocals that are shared by male guitarist Dustin and female bass player Shannon. Although a comparison to Rainer Maria comes to my mind, The Forecast sound more dynamic. Another strong point is the variation on the record. There is a number of slower songs like the slightly commercial Helping Hands which would be a good choice for single edit, the darker and melancholic Exorcise Demons and the acoustic track Losing Signal, the only weaker track on the record. But The Forecast aren't afraid of playing heavier songs either. The opener Seating Subject To Availability and Fade In Fade Out are for instance heading straight forward, but without ever giving up their melodic components. Just listen to the record and you easily notice that these four musicians stand with passion behind their art.

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