Forest Dwellers - Love You!

10 songs
26:55 minutes
***** **


Coming from the state of Maryland in the USA, Forest Dwellers embrace the lo-fi aesthetics which are so typical for their label MT6. Their debut full length album starts with I've Got A Crush, and if I didn't know any better, I would have said this is Jad Fair teaming up with Ween. It's a nice, little up-tempo ditty with undistorted electric guitar and wobbling synths. The following track, The Farmer Says, shows the band from a mellower side, with banjo and animal noises, coming across like an alternative, slowed down take on Daniel Johnston's Walking The Cow.

Forest Dwellers are always best when they adopt their faster pop approach, because it's then when they are most engaging and memorable, although their melancholic side also has its definite moments, like the dreamy Really Big Waves which has some delicately played acoustic guitar.

Forest Dwellers Love You! is a definite lo-fi album, but the production is still clear enough to give every instrument equal weight, which sometimes is not even the case for glossy major label productions. While the songwriting is at times nearly sublime, there are also a few lesser tracks (I Still Love You) which muddy the overall impression a bit. On the whole, this is a beautiful little half hour of music aimed at fans of the aforementioned artists and early Guided By Voices aficionados.

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