FOREVER IN TERROR - Restless In The Tides

Forever In Terror - Restless In The Tides

10 songs
54:11 minutes
***** *
Metal Blade


I remember the early Nineties, when shortly after the success of Nirvana every young aspiring band tried to be the new grunge revelation. Something similar is now happening with metalcore. Labels are signing everything that has at least one Hatebreed and Killswitch Engage album in their collection, and while I have to admit that most of these bands do know how to play their instruments, the massive flood of similar releases makes it sometimes very tedious to listen to newcomer bands.

Ohio youngsters Forever In Terror are no exception. Old enough to die for their country, but still too young to legally get drunk (that’s the USA for you), these seventeen and eighteen year old kids sound like they were at least already ten years older, and they shred their way through ten songs that lie somewhere between classical metalcore with strong thrash tendencies and melodic Scandinavian death metal. The guitars hint back at the glorious times of the mid-Eighties when it was still ok to play long guitar solos, and the drummer is a true animal. On the downside, the songs are sometimes too long and their songwriting is not truly that engaging. While they are never bad, they rarely manage to excite me. At least they are young, and I hope that they will mature together with their songwriting abilities. Until then, only metalcore completists will need to check out Forever In Terror’s debut album Restless In The Tides.

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