FOUR LETTER LIE - Let Your Body Take Over

Four Letter Lie - Let Your Body Take Over

12 songs
40:27 minutes


The cover artwork looks quite psychedelic and made me immediately curious about the music. When I saw the five musicians who can't be much older than Tokio Hotel, my first enthusiasm began to drop abruptly. It's no surprise that this five-piece from Minnesota started only in 2005. After the release of a self-produced EP, which sold 1.500 copies, they got a deal with Victory Records and released their debut Let Your Body Take Over.

Four Letter Lie's style is unfortunately quite close to general Victory releases and diverse aspects of post hardcore and "melodic emo vs screamo" can be discovered on the different songs. There are tracks where this recipe works well, but unfortunately it fails on many other pieces. The single Feel Like Fame, which even contains acoustic guitars, is a nice mellow prefab track for the American college radio stations. But this doesn't represent at all the entire record. Most songs are more like the opener Full Tilt Boogie, a classic confrontation of the melodic emo parts and the angry screamo growls. The title track and Naked Girl Avalanche are two better tracks from that genre, but this can't avoid a stale impression. Even if there are variations from more brutal songs like Cowboys And Indians to melodic ones like It Was Business Doing Pleasure (at least a cool pun), this isn't enough to save the entire record.

Let Your Body Take Over is forgotten almost as soon as its forty minutes are over. It's such an unsubstantial album that you won't find the motivation to listen to it several times. There is a certain talent behind Four Letter Lie, but not enough for a full length CD. As there are four or five decent tracks on the album, it would have been better for the band to release only another EP.

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