FOXY SHAZAM - Introducing

Foxy Shazam - Introducing

10 songs
33:16 minutes
***** *****


Imagine The Mars Volta and the Blood Brothers not being so terribly earnest respectively deconstructionist anymore, instead deciding to have the biggest party of the year! Foxy Shazam have a band name that sounds like a third rate Eighties glam metal band, but don’t judge this book by its cover, because this young band will release the coolest debut album of 2008, and even if there are more than eleven months to top this, I seriously doubt it. Why? Because the self-acclaimed Evel Knievel of Rock’n’Roll mix together the most different ingredients and get away with the weirdest genre concoction I have ever heard and that makes you wanna dance. Like I said, the basics are noisy, mathy indie rock, but there are strong elements of soul as can be witnessed on The Science Of Love, dramatic moments on A Black Man’s Breakfast and upbeat grooves as on the slightly longer Red Cape Driver. But the most important thing is that Foxy Shazam always keep their songs tight, playful and catchy. Not forgotten should be the piano which has a predominant role in Foxy Shazam’s sound: sometimes rock’n’rollish, sometimes soulish, it adds its own indelible trademark sound.

The great thing about Foxy Shazam is that they never sound like a fashion hype. They are way too leftfield to be accused of bandwagon jumping. Instead they dig deep in their musical influences and come up with memories of Queen, Weezer and an omnipresent Broadway musical feeling. Too bad the album ends after thirty-three too short minutes, but Introducing is the perfect introduction, the best v-card the band can have left for themselves. If you are looking for something refreshingly new, be sure to check out this grand debut by Foxy Shazam.

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