FRACTURE - We Dare You, Wonder

Fracture - We Dare You, Wonder

11 songs
62:45 minutes
***** ***


After two EPs and an LP on the net-label Schnurstrax Records, Fracture dare the big step into the real world of good old-fashioned physical media. This may be contrary to the philosophy of freely available downloads, but it is also an undeniable fact that most consumers prefer their music on CD and not as virtual files hidden somewhere in the depths of your hard disk.

The decision makes sense considering that Fracture have turned into a duo, with founding member Ralph (synths, beats, guitars) now joined by Sébastien (Cyclorama) on guitars, bass, effects and machines. The new constellation sounds obviously more rock than before, which only works in their favour. Playing some kind of shoegazer for the laptop age, Fracture is all about dense moods and atmospheres. The eight minute long opener Goldstrike sets the pace with slowly building momentum that immerses the listener into a dreamlike trance that reminds of the most swirling journeys of My Bloody Valentine. The following Poprocket Girl, already featured in a different version on Bipolar (2007), emphasises how much their grown sound benefits their depth of vision. Oklahoma Rocks is yet another revamped track (from last year’s Radiotrauma EP) that uses the heavily distorted guitars to achieve a sound that is more hypnotic than ever before.

Fracture are always best when they lose themselves in their longer, seemingly never ending epics that give them time and opportunity to explore their very own musical vision that owes as much to shoegazer classics as to early space rock (Hawkwind, Gong), psychedelia (Ozric Tentacles, Acid Mothers Temple) and even ambient (Tangerine Dream). This is best demonstrated on the mesmerisingly trippy Fridge Power.

We Dare You, Wonder is a long album that rarely tries to enchant with uplifting moods, opting instead for a stifling mind trip that reveals that behind every silver lining lies a brooding cloud. Definitely no happy music, the eleven tracks on this first real CD by Fracture are still an impressively systematic excavation of the darkness that emerges when modern electronic music meet heavily layered electric guitars. This might take some time getting used to, but once you have unlocked the secret to Fracture’s sonic universe, it will be hard to untangle yourself from their captivating craftsmanship. This is the ideal soundtrack to remind people that life is not always as easy as it seems!

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