FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - Skywards (A Sylphe's Ascension)

Fragments Of Unbecoming - Skywards (A Sylphe's Ascension)

12 songs
41:35 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


It always tickles my imagination, getting those CDs with band logos that are impossible to decipher. As unreadable as their name may be, Fragments Of Unbecoming play neither satanic black metal nor blastspeed grind, but surprisingly melodic death metal reminding more than once, and fully on purpose, of Sweden.

Made up by members Venereal Disease and Mortified, FOU developed quickly from a mere project to a serious band, and after their first mini-CD in 2002, they finally released their first full length album in early 2004. Skywards is a solid album, and in times where most bands try to adhere to new trends, it's kind of nice to get people like FOU who cling to the good old way, meaning: harsh death metal vocals, most upspeed pace, very melodic guitarwork, but never falling into the sentimental oddities of goth.

The lack of originality doesn't matter here, as the eight songs (plus four short instrumentals, three of them being acoustic) set very high quality standards. At times it becomes a tiny bit generic, meaning formulaic, putting more emphasis on form than content, but overall it's a very engaging album. Even after three times listening in a row, I wouldn't be able to recall one specific song, but then that's the risk you're running with the harder kinds of metal.

Those of you who are into Scandinavian hardwood can grab this one without further thought. It's classical and good timeless stuff!

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