FRED RAPID - T-Shirt Single

Fred Rapid - T-Shirt Single

2 songs
8:03 minutes
Haute Areal


This must be the first time I heard about having to state body size to be able to purchase the music. In times where more and more people think twice before spending money on music, Fred Rapid, founding member of German indie label Haute Areal, had the idea to release a two track single together with a high quality t-shirt manufactured by German fashion company Éveil. Of course you won’t have to stuff the shirt into your CD-player, but get a download code for two high quality (320kbps bitrate) audio tracks.

Although this is highly original, but I doubt that everybody will be willing to spend 40€ on this package. Maybe that’s the price one pays these days for brand-name t-shirts, but those who only want the songs will hardly come up with a sum that’s more than double than what you have to invest into a regular CD.

It’s tempting to talk endlessly about this unusual marketing scheme and the t-shirt itself, but the two songs need to be complimented too. Fred Rapid is into minimalist electro with German lyrics. The music has been performed on a vintage Yamaha groovebox, guaranteeing an unpolished charm that modern electronica often lacks.

Even though the B-side Ich Or Die will only be available on the t-shirt single, I guess that music lovers better wait for a regular audio release by Fred Rapid whose archaic beats come with monotonous yet charismatic vocals. Fashion icons on the other hand will be more than happy to get their hands on this quite special item.

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