FREEBASE - My Life My Rules

Freebase - My Life My Rules

12 songs
34:34 minutes
***** ***
Hardboiled / Diehard


Freebase is old school hardcore band from England. To end the review here would be some kind of an understatement. Even if Freebase don't reinvent the targeted genre, they play really tough hardcore that reminded me at first a lot of Barcode. Probably because they are labelmates, and one of the Danish Barcode guys is even helping out on one song.

So no great surprise there. But once you get to the whole concept behind Freebase, the whole thing starts to clear up. Their lyrics are thankfully not just about beers and chicks, but they attack real problems with an anger that takes you by the throat. I guess this band must be a killer live, if only for the impressive tattooed vocalist they have.

The songs are all played at a considerable speed. Not too much variety, but a constant high level of forward pushing and moshing old school hardcore that should be appealing to people who love Madball and similar bands.

For more information, I'll lead you on to the band's webpage which is an ideal combination of content and form. Unfortunately, there's no music downloads yet, but they are promised for the near future. 8 points for an uncompromising band from England, not New York.

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