FREEDOM CALL - The Circle Of Life

Freedom Call - The Circle Of Life

12 songs
50:57 minutes
Steamhammer / SPV


Hymnic heavy metal from Germany of the late Eighties yearns to be called teutonic metal. Bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray and a myriad of followers convinced millions of parents that the image of heavy metal can be good clean fun and not always demons and monsters. Grunge swept that happy-go-lucky movement aside, and the next generation of metalheads was again deep into thrash in the form of nu metal. But in a little town, hidden somewhere in Germany, lives a band that's been releasing album after album since the late Nineties, showing the world that you can still sing big bombast metal without blushing. Where the opener Mother Earth is still rather unspectacular, the following Carry On is so over the top that you have to believe that they are practising to participate in Dieter Thomas Heck's "ZDF Hitparade". The music and the lyrics are fighting to win the trophy of clichés, and as much as I try to hate this song, it always brings a smile to my face, let's call it a guilty pleasure. And from here on, it's a rollercoaster ride into the innocent age of friendly metal, where even occasional fast tracks don't take the fun out of the metal. Hunting High And Low and Hero Nation are two more fitting examples of how this German melodic metal band isn't ashamed to be so bland about their cheesy epics. Other bands use similar methods: Manowar always keep an atmosphere of power, Rhapsody the ideology of rococo kitsch, but Freedom Call are just plainly what they are.

How to rate such an album? While statistics are most of the times of giving you an overall perception of a situation, it sometimes fails, like when you state that half of Earth's population has two tits, and the other half has no tits at all, you still can't say that on average there comes one tit per person. That doesn't make no more sense than giving this album a five point rating. Add four if you unconditionally like melodic music (and Freedom Call actually excel at this), and subtract four if you are more into the dirtier territory of rock.

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