FREIZEIT 98 - Soul In Helsinki

Freizeit 98 - Soul In Helsinki

11 songs
29:54 minutes
***** **


Freizeit 98 is an indie pop band from Southern German that has released their debut album Soul In Helsinki. The music has nothing to do with either soul or Helsinki. Furthermore I also don’t recognize any parallels to the bands Freizeit 98 likes to be compared to, namely The Notwist, Dandy Warhols, EA80 and Trend.

The parallel to The Notwist could be the combination of a decent electro sound and guitars that offer quite a lot from nice melodies to lo-fi and even distortion. The difference between Freizeit 98 and the aforementioned influences is Freizeit 98’s much higher pop appeal. The opener Dringend erinnern is the album’s most commercial track showing parallels to Wir Sind Helden. But it seems that Sportfreunde Stiller left their impact too, as you can witness on the vocals, the instrumentation and the songwriting. Hinter den Kulissen has a slightly more alternative touch and made me think of Kettcar and Die Ärzte.

Freizeit 98 have already partly developed a sense for pop-oriented and accessible songwriting, but they don’t play yet in the same league as more established acts. Their songs are quite short and don’t contain any lengths. Half an hour of music is enough for the current level Freizeit 98 have achieved. But they are nevertheless a promising electro pop band that has the potential to make further progress.

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