FREYA - Lift The Curse

Freya - Lift The Curse

10 songs
29:25 minutes
***** **


Second album from post-Earth Crisis outfit Freya, and this time they definitely take no prisoners. Karl Buechner is barking his lyrics like a rabid dog through nine old-school hardcore grenades before a six-minute cover version of Black Sabbath's War Pigs brings the album to its end after a short half hour.

It's been four long years since their debut As The Last Light Drains, which I remember to have been moderately more melodic, but Lift The Curse manages to create a charm of its own. Their own songs, all running between two and three minutes, are compact enough, and Buechner and his gang don't need to play around with contemporary metalcore structures. They have been part of the game for too long, and therefore feel best at home in simple yet effective moshcore songs. The opener Threads Of Life is for instance a two and a half minute outburst where the chorus is not that different from the verses, but the slight upbeat rhythm change are enough to make it entertaining anyway.

The remaining songs follow that pattern, making Lift The Curse a treat for fans of nostalgia core like Sick Of It All and Madball. The Black Sabbath cover is ok, but doesn't fit into the overall aggression of the other songs. A better cover artwork and less weird (meaning: less spiritual) lyrics would have benefited the album, too. Old school fanatics should risk an ear on this excellent if not really innovative album.

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