From Monuments To Masses - Beyond God & Elvis

4 songs
16:35 minutes
***** **
Golden Antenna


I have always thought is was weirdly funny how some instrumental bands give themselves an overtly political image. Godspeed You Black Emperor have taken this to the extreme, but American post rock three piece do their best to infuse their songs with samples, thus striving for authenticity. In 2003, they made quite an impact with their second CD The Impossible Leap In One Hundred Simple Steps which was followed two years later by Schools Of Thought Contend, a remix album that showed how broad this band’s horizon is.

Beyond God & Elvis is now an appetiser for next year’s third longplayer, and starts with the title track, a formally perfect post rock song that finds a perfect balance between restraint and majesty, never falling for dull moments or overblown crescendos. The discreet electronics help to discern From Monuments To Masses from other genre bands. This is followed by two remixes. The first one, Kino-Fist Score Remix, offers a string trio version which takes some time to develop its magic but finally stands out as a very satisfying interpretation, although this would have made more effect at the end of the EP. The short Cost & Materials Remix adds an industrial flair but otherwise doesn’t really reveal new facets of the song. The EP is ended by another unreleased track, The Role Traversal, giving a glimpse of a more pensive From Monuments To Masses. If you care to watch the CD-ROM part, you can watch live videos of older songs Deafening and To Z (Repeat).

Beyond God & Elvis is an appetiser only, released most probably so that they have something new to offer during their autumn tour this year, but everybody should judge for themselves if two new songs, two remixes and two live clips are incentive enough to buy this EP. Their two previous albums convinced with longer structures and highly original remixes, two things that are not yet present here. But especially the new material let us hope for an impeccable comeback next year.

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