FROM PLAN TO PROGRESS - Ink Stains & Incidents

From Plan To Progress - Ink Stains & Incidents

17 songs
46:43 minutes
***** ***
Fond Of Life


From Plan To Progress are from Brighton in England and play very melodic punk rock reminding of bands like Strike Anywhere and This Is A Standoff. Founded in 2005, they soon self-released an EP which was followed by their debut on Lime Records in 2008. Their second longplayer Ink Stains & Incidents has now been released on the German label Fond Of Life.

The seventeen tracks on the album make it over a good three quarters of an hour, with the opener Product Of The Past instantly setting me in a favourable mood. Containing elements of emo, punk rock and melodic hardcore, the song has found a perfect balance that makes it stick right in your mind. This pattern is repeated more or less throughout the record, with the ratios differing though, leaving the band a lot of leeway. This modus operandi may not be overly original, but the five Britons make up for this with great songwriting. The songs are mostly played at a quick pace that never neglects the melodic component. Those looking for aggressive parts are certainly at the wrong address. Despite the simple structures, the band is acting in such a casual way that the final product can only be considered an act of genius. No Need For Transparency, Functional Malfunctions Functioning Functions and the title track are three standout songs that effortlessly achieve world class. Not every track is up on that exceedingly high level, but you will be looking in vain for weaknesses on this album full of positive energy. The music is rather aimed at a younger audience, but the older generation should also consider risking an ear.

Usually we Luxembourgers compare our local artists with international bands, but in this case it wouldn’t be wrong to compare From Plan To Progress with our top punk rock export Versus You who currently ride a very successful wave. Maybe From Plan To Progress can soon achieve international success too. They definitely would deserve it.

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