FRONTKICK - The Cause Of The Rebel

Frontkick - The Cause Of The Rebel

14 songs
37:47 minutes
***** ***
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What is the biggest compliment you can say to a German band? In my opinion, that they don’t sound German. The cover artwork could have been from some obscure late Seventies anarcho brit punk LP, yet from the first song on, Frontkick sound like a grown up US West Coast punk band. Imagine my surprise when I read on their info sheet that they are from Berlin.

The Cause Of The Rebel is their third album already, and considering that Frontkick started out as a street punk band, it is quite astonishing to see how much they improved over the years. Severely inspired by Social Distortion, Frontkick offer fourteen confident punk rock songs that work so well because they neither try to break speed limits nor to lose themselves in overly long structures, which is also why the album has a lot of songs and is still not even forty minutes long.

It is hard to pick out a highlight, and maybe that’s a good thing. This way, Frontkick are able to deliver their songs at a constantly very high level without making their audience wait for the one or two outstanding tracks, the way more commercial bands do it on their releases.

The Cause Of The Rebel is the perfect album for anyone who grew up with punk rock but now feels that it is also ok to lay back and listen to something more mature. It’s great to hear that Germany has more to offer than just the Beatsteaks when it comes to punk rock with an international quality level.

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