FRUGOPOP - trash_erotic_club_movie

Frugopop - trash_erotic_club_movie

5 songs
28:52 minutes
***** **

Some bands are too smart for their own good. Like Frugopop from Trier, Germany, for instance. Listening to their CD-EP for the first time left me totally perplexed. There was something hidden in their soundscapes, but it refused to catch my attention. So I listened again, and again, and finally managed to detect the charm of their music.

I know it's not very original to make comparisons, but as these guys are already from Trier, I have to remember Venus Hype Machine, a band that used to be really big in the Trier region some years ago. Frugopop have a more relaxed attitude where VHM put the emphasis on memorable melodies, which brings us to the major problem of the Frugopop-CD: Their sound is very intelligent. Instead of using a conservative and well known sound of crunching guitars and thumping bass guitars, they rather use old keyboards (organs, Rhodes, Farfisa), combined with live drums and sampling. The combination of real rhythms with electronic ones gives their music in fact a healthy Bristol-like sound, whereas the abundance of old synthesisers makes one think of Steely Dan without guitars. But then there's so many effects that the songs tend to get lost amid the overwhelming production.

The (in my opinion) best, because most commercial songs are the shorter Aus einem Hedwig Courths-Maler Roman and High Fidelity (For Me), whereas the two long songs Mission Jeunesse Eternelle and Hanomag rather show the three-piece's major weakness. Maybe it's those songs that are ideal for clubbing, but at home, I prefer their more compact structures.

Still a very good album, and mostly a challenge to people who are into intelligent music. I deal out 7 big points and suggest you visit the band's homepage where you can download some of their music to make up your own mind.

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