FULL BLOWN CHAOS - Heavy Lies The Crown

Full Blown Chaos - Heavy Lies The Crown

12 songs
46:19 minutes


Heavy Lies The Crown is already the third album by New York metal band Full Blown Chaos, even if only their first for Ferret Music. The cliché filled cover artwork made me think I was in the presence of some kind of retro metal band. Full Blown Chaos definitely have some retro elements, but they go back only one decade: Pantera, Biohazard, Crowbar and Madball. Even if I can’t say anything bad about the songwriting or the technical skills, I have rarely before encountered a less original record. Some trendy metalcore breaks are used to give the album a more modern touch, but this doesn’t help very much to make it more listenable. They use a lot of breaks from fast and aggressive eruptions to stamping and rhythmic grooves, but that isn’t either a recipe invented by Full Blown Chaos.

I wonder who will like this album. This sound has certainly more effect in a live situation, but on CD, it’s only interesting for collectors of Pantera clone bands. It’s a shame that there are so many innovative metal bands in search of a record deal, and a copycat like Full Blown Chaos is able to grab one.

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