FU MANCHU - Go Fot It... Live!

Fu Manchu - Go Fot It... Live!

22 songs
96:57 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


Obi and I are very often discussing about who was the coolest stoner band. I don't really have an opinion on the topic, but he claims that Fu Manchu would be the worst if they were stoner. Weird logic we're getting from all that electro smog these days.

A fact is that Fu Manchu are always named among the stoner movement, although their music is something rather different. Or does having an ex-Kyuss drummer mean you have to play music like the desert kings? Questions... that don't really need to be answered, because Fu Manchu are pure rock'n'roll. So you see I really like that band, although I am not that familiar with their album, except from Daredevil I once bought at a CD sale and some video clips on TV.

Fu Manchu have the typical sun-tan, wind-breeze Southern Californian kick ass skate rock'n'roll sound, and never does that genre sound as good as when being played live, as on this double-CD set Go For It... Live! It's one of those live albums that sound as if they were recorded by someone standing right in the audience. The sound is very good, but also very authentic, with the not so clean parts not restored, the vocals sounding raw and reminding me more than once of the late Phil Lynott. This all combined with excellent songwriting, like the driving opener Hell On Wheels, the rocking King Of The Road and their rendition of Blue ÷yster Cult's Godzilla (have you ever noticed that B÷C originals are always lamer than the cover versions?) make these 100 minutes of kick ass rock'n'roll pure joy.

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