FUZZTONES - Boom (The Sonics Tribute)

Fuzztones - Boom (The Sonics Tribute)

6 songs
16:08 minutes
Beyond Your Mind


The Fuzztones are a New York based psychedelic / garage punk band playing 60s revival US garage punk rock before they split in 1990. In 2004, the band released a comeback CD (Salt For Zombies). There’s another CD planned for the end of this year, but the Fuzztones decided to release an appetizer EP as a tribute to their major influence, namely The Sonics who released three albums in the second half of the 60s. Their major work was called Boom (1966), too.

The Fuzztones’ Boom version contains six tracks that are all Sonics cover versions. Only the opener Caught You Red-Haired has been unreleased so far, the remaining songs have already been released on earlier Fuzztones records.

I don’t really know what to write about this release. I’m not familiar with the Sonics and I’m not the biggest fan of garage rock, although I like Strychnine and Cinderella. The EP also contains live versions of Have Love With Travel and Boss Hoss.

I suppose that die hard Fuzztones fans already have their original albums containing the cover versions. And those who like to become familiar with the Fuzztones music should listen to their masterpiece Lysergic Emanations instead. This would only be interesting for Sonics fans who have never heard of the Fuzztones. Meanwhile I prefer to wait for their next album.

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